You can now submit your ideas for the #DevonCarbonPlan. Read the news article.

Vertical stripes shopwing global temperature from 1850 to 2018. Shows a warming trend to modern times.
Annual average temperatures for the planet from 1850-2018 using data from UK Met Office (source)

“Temperature rise to date has already resulted in profound alterations to human and natural systems, including increases in droughts, floods, and some other types of extreme weather; sea level rise; and biodiversity loss – these changes are causing unprecedented risks to vulnerable persons and populations.”

IPCC (2018) Special Report: Global Warming of 1.5 ºC

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has advised that carbon emissions must reduce globally by at least 45% by 2030 from 2010 levels. There is a chance we can avoid the worst effects of climate change by keeping warming below 1.5 degrees. To achieve this we must be carbon neutral (net-zero) by 2050 or earlier.

In response, a range of public, private and voluntary organisations from across Devon came together on 22nd May 2019, to declare a climate emergency and to endorse the principles of the Devon Climate Declaration.

This recognises that we are aware of the significant implications of climate change for Devon’s communities and proposes action to rapidly reduce our carbon dioxide emissions.

It sets out an ambition to tackle climate change that covers all of Devon, including those people who live, work in and visit our county, and those businesses who are based or operate here.

Additionally, it recognises that we need to understand the near-term and future risks of climate change for Devon to plan for how our infrastructure, public services and communities will have to adapt for a 1.5-degree warmer world.

All organisations are encouraged to sign the Declaration to show the growing support for taking action. You can view the full list of signatories. If your organisation has signed, send an email to environmentalpolicy@devon.gov.uk with accompanying evidence, such as the minute of a meeting.

Devon Carbon Plan

A Net-Zero Task Force has been established, which will use its specialist knowledge and experience to produce an evidence-led Devon Carbon Plan. This will consider the earliest, credible, date that should be set for net-zero emissions. The members have considerable expertise in topics relevant to carbon reduction. They are drawn from economic, environmental, health and academic organisations, and is chaired by Professor Patrick Devine-Wright, a leading climate expert.

The Task Force has issued a call for evidence and will be conducting a series of hearings, to help gather views, evidence and data which will be used as a foundation from which to develop recommendations for the Devon Carbon Plan.

The views of the general public will play an important role in the production of the Devon Carbon Plan. Recommendations developed by the task force will be put to a Citizens’ Assembly. The assembly will comprise a representative sample of Devon’s citizens from different social backgrounds, including young people. They will have the opportunity to develop informed opinions and collectively discuss and review policy recommendations on decarbonising Devon.