Devon Carbon Plan

The Net Zero Task Force are creating an evidence-led Devon Carbon Plan which will consider the earliest, credible date which should be set for net-zero emissions.

The Task Force

A Net-Zero Task Force has been appointed, which will use its specialist knowledge and experience to produce an evidence-led Devon Carbon Plan. This will consider the earliest, credible, date that should be set for net-zero emissions.

Headshot of Patrick Devine-Wright

The Net-Zero Task Force is chaired by Patrick Devine Wright who is a professor at the University of Exeter and leading climate expert and IPCC author.

The members have considerable expertise in topics relevant to carbon reduction and are drawn from economic, environmental, health and academic organisations.

Read the Net-Zero Task Force terms of reference


The Task Force is adopting a robust evidence-led approach, with an open call for evidence from the public and organisations wishing to contribute. Initially, the plan was to use the recommendations from the evidence gathering to be presented to the Citizens’ Assembly. The agreed outcomes of this would then feed into the Devon Carbon Plan.  There were going to be 3 main stages:

  1. evidence gathering
  2. citizens’ assembly to consider the more controversial options
  3. development and publication of a draft Carbon Plan

However as the Citizens’ Assembly has been delayed due to Covid-19, the approach has changed slightly. So that we can continue producing the Devon Carbon Plan, it will now be split into two parts.

The Interim Devon Carbon Plan will be produced by the end of the year reflecting the more easily-adoptable suggestions identified in the public call for evidence and the thematic hearings as having wide support. We expect the Final Devon Carbon Plan will be published in 2021, providing more detail on the challenging issues which will have been deliberated on by the Citizens’ Assembly, as and when this event is able to take place.

Stages to creating a 2-part Devon Carbon Plan

Schematic showing the stages to creating a 2-part carbon plan. 
Initial stage was the call for evidence. The public acceptable ideas from this then feed into the Interim Carbon Plan. The second branch shows that the controversial or challenging ideas will be feed into a Citizens' Assembly in 2021 which will feed into Draft Final Devon Carbon Plan
The steps in creating a 2-part Devon Carbon Plan

Evidence Gathering and Thematic Hearings

The Task Force ran a call for evidence and conducted a series of thematic hearings (meetings), to help gather views, evidence and data which has created a foundation from which to develop recommendations for the Devon Carbon Plan.

Publication of a draft Interim Devon Carbon Plan

The Task Force has assessed all available data and contributions from the evidence gathering phase to identify which actions can be adopted more easily across Devon. These ideas will be used to produce a draft Interim Devon Carbon Plan be published for consultation in December 2020. Ideas that are deemed more controversial or more challenging to implement will be presented to the Citizens’ Assembly in 2021 to ensure the recommendations in the Final Devon Carbon Plan are reflective of the opinions of Devon’s Citizens.

Citizens’ Assembly

The views of the general public will continue to play an important role in the production of the Final Devon Carbon Plan.  The more challenging or controversial recommendations developed by the Task Force will be put to a Citizens’ Assembly. The assembly will comprise a representative sample of Devon’s citizens from different social backgrounds, including young people over 16. They will have the opportunity to develop informed opinions and collectively develop, discuss and review policy recommendations on decarbonising Devon.

Publication of a draft Final Devon Carbon Plan

Once the Citizens’ Assembly has met, the Net-Zero Task Force will bring everything together to produce a draft Final Devon Carbon Plan.