Reduce your consumption


Everything we purchase has a carbon footprint – fossil fuels and energy have been used to extract virgin materials, manufacture and transport every item- often across the globe.

Fore Street Flea Market in Exeter, people walking on street surrounded by market stalls.
Photo Credit: Joe Baker. “Less cars, more fun. Fore Street Flea Market”. If you do have buy new, try to support local businesses.


  1. Ask yourself whether you really need to make a new purchase at all?
  2. Maybe you could repair the item? You’ll find fix-it videos on YouTube for almost anything or you could take it a professional repair shop or your local repair café.
  3. If you do need to make a purchase:
    • Consider second-hand:
      • Find your local freecycle site online where people offer unwanted items for free
      • Try to shop in local charity shops, supporting a good cause whilst avoiding fast-fashion. You can even use charity shops online.
      • Use online marketplaces and auction sites where you can find second hand things.
    • If you need to buy new:
      • Try to select items that are made from recycled materials and materials that are easily recycled
      • Visit Ethical Consumer for advice on purchasing a wide variety of items.