Welcome to Net-Zero Visions for the Devon Climate Emergency! We’re glad you found your way here, and look
forward to you taking part in a grand collective effort to visualise how the places in which we live might be transformed.

Net-Zero Visions brings together communities across Devon with the creative industries and transition experts to produce positive ‘Visions’ of six locations as carbon net-zero in 2050. These locations will have their Vision realised by acclaimed professionals in different media, including animation, illustration, interactive games, and public murals.

Community delegates will be asked to feed perspectives from their organisation and community into the creative process. The aim is for these compelling, original Visions to raise awareness of the Devon Carbon Plan and engage people in the process and possibilities of change.

All residents of Devon are also invited to submit their own net-zero visions of their town, village or locale to be showcased in the project gallery.

At the end of the project, a book will be produced as a resource for communities across the country who want to become net zero, featuring climate scientists, sustainability experts and the Devon Visions. A free copy will be distributed to public libraries across Devon.

Finally, it is hoped that individuals and groups will take and adapt the ‘Net-Zero Visions’ idea to their own projects and purposes, in ways unforeseen by the project originators! Please get in touch with the project organisers if you have an idea for how the Net Zero Visions idea might be of use to you and those around you.

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Net Zero Visions is funded by AHRC and supported by ERDF Low Carbon Devon, University of Plymouth in collaboration with Devon Climate Emergency and communities across Devon. The project is led by Dr David Sergeant, Associate Professor in Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Literature and Dr Emma Whittaker, Creative Industries Industrial Research Fellow, Low Carbon Devon University of Plymouth.