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Devon Climate Assembly Report

We are pleased to announce the publication of the Devon Climate Assembly report. This report marks a major milestone in the Devon Climate Emergency project, as the findings presented represent how members of the public in Devon feel we should be tackling the climate emergency.

Latest posts:

‘Being a part of Devon’s Climate Assembly was an amazing, eye-opening experience that has re-kindled my passion to do everything I can to minimise my carbon footprint. Whilst the data we heard was shocking I came away feeling positive and hopeful that each and every one of us can make changes to our lifestyles to go some way to address the climate emergency that we all face’.

Suzanne Harris

DCA Member, read her post here!

We are all responsible for doing what is necessary to reduce carbon emissions. It is, after all, in our own best interests. We must start now.

Deryn Phillips

DCA Member, read her post here!