Mobility and Travelling

Low Carbon Commuting


Transport is one of the largest contributors to Devon’s carbon footprint. Low-carbon options for commuters include cycling, walking or public transport such as bus and train. Encouraging low-carbon, active travel brings with it the opportunity for a happier, healthier more productive workforce.

Man cycling in suit.
Photo Credit: Kit Harbottle. “Cycling the norm for short journeys – even in a suit.”


Travel Devon has a wealth of resources on how to easily cycle or walk to work. For longer distances, it also has a lot of information on planning trips by public transport. Highlighting these resources to members of your organisation could help them to adopt more sustainable options. If public transport is not an option, why not facilitate car sharing between employees (when government restrictions allows) – signpost to Car Share Devon or to the Pasty Connection for south west based car sharing. Similarly, if you are running an event (again restriction dependent), encourage people to travel sustainability.

In the New Year an exciting e-scooter trial will start in North Devon. E-scooter company Voi Technology offer low-carbon urban transport in 50 cities worldwide.

Cycle to work and walk to walk schemes are also great ways to encourage low-carbon commuting. In the New Year Active Devon are running the Let’s Walk campaign. They are challenging all businesses in Devon to get outside, get their steps up and choose active travel!

Tavistock Bus Station. 3 buses in distance of foreground.
Photo Credit: Kit Harbottle. Tavistock Bus Station

Minimise Business Travel


If Covid-19 has taught us anything it’s that we can achieve business-as-usual by working at home. For many industries the reduction in face-to-face meetings did not negatively impact performance. In order to #BuildBackBetter business travel, especially by plane, needs to be minimised.

Photo credit: Mikey Harris


Moving online is certainly the first step. Supporting employees in setting up a home office is key to ensuring productivity remains high. Providing access to safe office space if required is also important.

For more localised travel, Exeter based company Co-cars hire out their electric vehicle fleet to businesses – an innovative solution to necessary corporate travel. Visit their website to find out more. Be sure to opt for electric vehicles in order to minimise the environmental impact of your organisation’s travel.