What can my organisation do?

Community groups and parish and local councils are in a great position to engage people on the ground and raise awareness of the climate crisis through community action.

Community Groups (schools, scout / guides groups, transition towns etc)

Local actions to tackle climate change are taking place across Devon and the UK as whole.  These comprise of many different forms, and include local energy projects, campaigning groups and work on behaviour change. Community-led initiatives have huge potential to create embedded behavioural change across several strands of sustainability (i.e. energy use in the home, transport, recycling, food) and help Devon on the road to achieving net zero.

The benefits of community action go beyond their direct impact on climate change. Community action and projects are a brilliant way to build a greater community spirit and help build trust and friendships. Furthermore, many activities, from tree planting to beach cleans can help make your local environment a healthier, happier, prettier place to live.

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Parish and Local Councils

As a Town or Parish council you are ideally placed to involve your community. To successfully address the climate emergency, it will require involvement from all individuals, not just those who are already pro-active. To reach out beyond those in your community who are already pro-active, you can use other areas of common interest to bring people together. These could be; traffic problems, adverse weather conditions such as flooding, impact of new developments or cycling and walking paths. Whatever it is you can use it as a starting point to discuss the wider challenges of Climate and Ecological changes; these will affect all of us in one way or another.

To ensure greenhouse emissions decrease fast enough to prevent dangerous levels of global temperature rise, we are going to need greater, and more urgent, engagement with society. Local and parish councils are in a unique situation to engage people and your community at a grassroots level, getting people to talk about it encourages others to think about it and hopefully spread the message further and helps apply pressure to national government