Photo credit: Richard Brannen

People in Exeter who are interested in renovating their homes will be able to take advantage of low-cost loans to help make urgent improvements and instal energy-efficiency measures.

Exeter City Council has teamed up with Lendology CIC, a social enterprise lender. Since the partnership began in 2008, over £1 million has been leant to homeowners across the city.

Lendology ensures access to responsible finance, assessing applicants based on their unique financial circumstances.

Lending council funding means that, once repaid, the capital can be lent to new residents repeatedly, ensuring a lasting cycle of home improvements.

Anyone interested in the scheme can contact Lendology directly by calling Shannon Nutkins on 01823 461099 or email Alternatively, you can find more information on the Lendology website.

How is this helping Devon reach net-zero?

Goal 7.11: Increase access to finance to accelerate reaching net-zero, embracing innovative mechanisms and allowing citizens to invest in their communities.